Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Stock Market is for suckers…. - Blog Maverick - _

The biggest pyramid scam in history (Ticker: SCAM)

Mark Cuban gives us the secrets to winning in the markets.

The Stock Market is for suckers…. - Blog Maverick - _: " It takes often knowing the market for a company’s product better than the company does. "

On ETFs & Indexes, they're crap too...

As far as ETFs. Which one ? Remember, the Dow and S&P are marketing tools. They change the indexes. Look at the stocks in there today, vs what was in there in years past. You are not buying a passive investment that tracks the economy. You are buying the stock pickers at those respective indexes.

On non-dividend stocks that don't give 'cash-back'

a stock that doesnt pay dividends is valued like a baseball card. Just whatever you can sell it for.

On how Buffett trades (like a bully in a playground)

Have you ever seen Warren Buffet talk about buying 100 shares of anything ?1k shares ? or does he take control of , or purchase a material percentage of a company ?

"When I was your age..."

There once was a day where most companies paid dividends higher than the interest rates on their bonds. Why ? Because stocks are inherently more risky.

On diluting investments and the magic of compounding returns...

Where I could buy 100 shares of stock, and even if it represented just 1/100000 of ownership in the company, I could have confidence that year after year, I would still own 1/100000th of that company, and if that company generated earnings , I would have at least some of that money returned to me.

I think Mark should look at BRKA or BRKB? Or maybe Sequoia funds?

Mark's last paragraph is the most important - spend time with people you love, things you love to do, or invest in yourself.

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