Saturday, March 04, 2006 "You might recall that the 2005 federal budget announced that gold and silver legal tender bullion coins, gold and silver bullion bars, ingots, wafers, or certificates representing claims to these things, purchased on or after Feb. 23, 2005, became eligible investments for your RRSP and other registered plans."

How cool is this? Much better than paying some fund manager 4% in management per year... just buy a good safe, and toss some RRSP gold bars in there.

Don't plan on keeping your gold or silver at home in a shoebox or safe. The Canada Revenue Agency expects a custodial trustee to hold those assets as evidence that your plan truly owns the assets.

Well, maybe you could put it in a safety box and then just look at it once and awhile?

The gold or silver must be acquired by your plan directly from the Royal Canadian Mint (for coins), the metal refiner that produced it (for bullion bars, ingots and wafers), or from an eligible Canadian financial institution. So, it seems that a gift in-kind of gold or silver you already own is not going to cut it.

Still worth a try...

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