Saturday, March 31, 2007

QQ: China's New Coin of the Realm? -

But so far, though, regulations -- or even legal protections -- for virtual assets are scarce around the world. This week, a Chinese court sentenced a former executive at Chinese online gaming company Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd. to five years in prison for virtual embezzlement. Along with two accomplices, the programmer who was in charge of creating assets for the game Legend of Mir II created his own virtual assets without permission and then sold them for $260,000. He says he plans to appeal since there aren't any laws in China covering virtual assets.

Source: QQ: China's New Coin of the Realm? -

On a side note, Tron is 25 years old this year.  So is Bladerunner. 

Interesting that fiction is turning into life, with virtual currency becoming real.

This programmer sort of acted like the Fed, creating wealth from nothing.

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