Sunday, January 22, 2006

MSFT - another ENRON?

Mini-Microsoft: "And we did get to have a crickets chirping moment: Ballmer addressed the glass ceiling on the stock and went through the rah-rah blah-blah speech about looking forward, three-year review, deliver innovation, watch the expenses, keep the faith, and deliver results. Pause for applause.
Hmm, no applause. Ballmer observation: 'Awfully quiet here.' Though I have to admit another nice deflection was comparing how Microsoft runs our business vs. Enron (?!?!) and how Enron was entirely focused on the stock price and we're focused on good business fundamentals. Can we, ah, find a different company to compare ourselves to?"

Why is it that whenever I buy into a company it goes down? I buy Hemosol. Stock crashes. I buy Berkshire. Stock loses a bunch. I buy MSFT. Well... not much happening. I get pissed off & buy the iUnits Dividend ETF. The whole bloody market goes down.

Cheech Marin was saying on a recent podcast that the best investment he made was in Chicano art. He says art is around 1/4 of his portfolio.

He said the stock market was the worst.

Problem with art is you need lots of walls (if they're paintings or drawings). My wife's uncle moved out of a house in downtown Toronto, and retired into a bungalow outside of Brighton, Ontario. He is finding that much of the art he collected over the years cannot be displayed. Instead of hanging for asthetics, he is now hanging for value (to him.)

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