Monday, February 13, 2006

Buy 30-yr bonds?

Stock Market News and Investment Information | "A sudden rush for 30-year bonds that hoisted up the entire Treasury market on Friday bodes well for next week's sale of $14 billion in the revived maturity -- but also hints at a deeper inversion of the yield curve.

The long bond was discontinued in 2001, based on projections for wide-ranging surpluses. As those forecasts turned into red ink, traders demanded the 30-year's return, to no avail until last August.

Friday's rally in longer-dated debt started when a large fund manager reportedly started buying up when-issued 30-year bonds, which are traded prior to the actual auction.

The market followed suit, yanking when-issued yields down to 4.51 percent from a session high of 4.62 percent."

Somewhere I read that bonds were the equivalent of buying insurance at a Blackjack table - why bother?

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