Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kenneth Lay to be found guilty of AT LEAST 4 of the charges brought against him

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Central Park NY to have ON or OVER 5 inches of snowfall by 31 Mar?

President Bush to sign a bill permitting oil drilling in ANWR on/before 31 Mar06?

Kofi Annan to announce his resignation ON/BEFORE 30JUN06?

Donald Rumsfeld to announce his resignation on/before 30June2006?

Dick Cheney to announce his resignation on/before 30June2006?

USA and/or Israel to execute an overt Air Strike against Iran by 30June06?

Bird flu (H5N1) to be confirmed in the USA ON/BEFORE 31st March 2006?

US law passed by 30JUN06 allowing taxpayers to divert SS taxes to managed private accounts?

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