Saturday, March 18, 2006

Learn Thai (THI) and Trade big wins

"The Toronto Stock Exchange has conditionally approved the listing of the common stock under the symbol 'THI.' Tim Hortons has applied to list the common stock under the same symbol on the New York Stock Exchange."

Thai, eh? I'm in!

Here's a list of stocks on Canada's newest market, the CNQ.

Rock? BEER? POKR, WOLF, HAWK, GOLD, SAGE, FORT, IQIT. Seems to be a lot of chest-thumping guy stocks on there. (Well, maybe not BIRD.U, or SMRT, or PERL.) I like OMGM - Oh my gawd Mineral. And XPEL.U. Sounds like a university for the underachiever.

Maybe the S&P 500 List has some more interesting names. YUM? RIG? BUD? XOM?


CNQ has a better chance of capturing the MTV generation...

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Anonymous said...

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