Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Investing money is probably the most difficult task for anyone. Every minute, every second, every dollar from everyone is trying to gain the best return on investment (ROI). You can see how much competition is out there. If there is someone (including me) who tells you that he can consistently produce an annual return of 20% above inflation, you can almost be certain that he is telling a lie. Why? Compounding 20% for 25 years will give you 95.4 times back for your money. A mere $1000 dollar will become $95,400. Now if he has such investment knowledge to have such mida golden touch, will he be investing only $1000? He should be borrowing as much as he can and probably invest $100K to get some $9.54 million dollars. And if he has some $9.54 million dollars, I bet that he won’t be talking to you, but probably even making even more money for himself, or retired in some Carribean island. Such outrageous return simply don’t last long, or if it’s true, no one will be telling you about it. This applies to ALL investment, whether it’s real estate, precious metals, or stocks in general. The investing world is pretty much a self-correcting process. Any inefficiency (for investing trick) in the market will be immediately exploited in a short time to the extent that such inefficiency doesn’t work anymore. Every now and then, there will be some inefficiency in the market, but with so many investors and so much capital in the whole world, you can bet on that it will disappear before you know about it.

Source: My 1st Million At 33 » Blog Archive » My Advice To Preserving Wealth in 30s thru 50s

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