Friday, May 25, 2007

Patternz -- Pattern Recognition Software


Patternz is a Windows based program that automatically finds chart patterns. It has these features.

  • Finds 66 unique chart patterns (see Patterns Form)
  • Finds 105 candlestick patterns (see Patterns Form, Candles or Patterns button)
  • Allows the selection of chart patterns with the best overall performance, fewest failures, reversals, and continuations (see the Patterns form)
  • Scans files to find patterns and lists results (see List Form)
  • Allows up to 9 criteria to select patterns for performance (radio buttons on List Form)
  • Sorts selected chart patterns to highlight most recent patterns found (see List Form)
  • After finding patterns, data can be placed on the clipboard or Excel for analysis (see List Form)
  • Pattern watch lists make the selection of patterns easier
  • Security watch lists allow important securities to be found quickly and easily
  • Highlights support and resistance (SAR button on Chart Form)
  • Tells about tested chart patterns, including failure rates and performance tips (the Tell button)
  • Calculates a volatility stop for both up and down breakouts and shows volatility and minor high/low stop placement (the Stop button)
  • Calculates pivot points, S1, R1, S2 and R2 (see the Forecast button)
  • Calculates a Fibonacci retrace for swing trading (see the Retrace button)
  • Forecasts tomorrow’s closing price (see the Forecast button) with back testing capability.
  • Detects tall candles which means a minor high or low 66% of the time (give or take a day).
  • Has trendline support – click and drag the mouse (see the Chart Form)
  • Volume ticks show pattern end points, which helps with volume trend and shape analysis.
  • Supports bar or candlestick charts
  • Extensive help, just press F1 or look at the black help window on each form
  • Setup allows the tuning of Patternz parameters (see Setup button on Chart Form)
  • Works with a variety of ASCII file formats
  • Supports Windows 3.11 and more recent versions, such as XP
  • Adware and spyware free
  • It’s FREE

Source: Patternz -- Pattern Recognition Software

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