Saturday, October 27, 2007

Apple is worth more than IBM - Craaazy!

Did Crazy Eddie open up a few Mac Stores for Apple to get to that level of market cap?

Here's a link to an in-depth interview with the Darth Vader of Capitalism himself.

Also, Crazy Eddie's cousin, former CFO of the company Sam Antar, has a blog. In it he talks about the sequel to Crazy Eddie's,, or The Phantom Menace.

Eddie's family was known for throwing massive parties, like the one that attracted over 1,000 people and had Kool & the Gang performing.

Here's a bio of Crazy Eddie from NNDB.

NNDB looks interesting. Tracks notable names & celebrities, their bios and criminal records, and their potential risk factors (Alcoholism, Vegetarian, etc). You can even see who has been pied. Did you know that Wierd Al was a vegetarian? Bill Gates' risk factor is LSD and he's a member of the Digerati? Lindsay Lohan's got them both beat. Her risk factors are Asthma, Bulimia, Smoking, Marijuana, Alcoholism, Cocaine, Appendicitis, and Yoga.

Back to the craziness. Crazy Eddie's former CFO recently got his CPA revoked from New York State... after being convicted of securities fraud for 15 years. They asked him to send them a copy of his criminal record so that they could confirm this! Apparently it is too tough for them to run $20 background checks. There are 547 registered CPA's in Brooklyn. At @ $20 a pop it would cost them around $11k to find out how many convicted felons they have. That's probably less than what 1 convicted felon CPA could defraud someone out of in a couple of keystrokes.

Eddie & Sam recently went on camera together after not speaking for 20 years.

There's a 19-page thread about the segment on Crazy Eddie's guestbook. Former employees and Sam himself defend and bash Crazy Eddie and reminisce about the good old days of selling cheap speakers and watching the first 5 minutes of Superman... over and over again.

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