Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally Woken: Donald Trump's Scotland Golf Plan Rejected.... and then the council was fired.

Trump was talking this one up at the Wealth conference I went to last month. Seems he bought 2000 acres of pristine Scottish waterfront years ago, and some 'loonie' farmer dressed in a kilt was stirring up a ruckus because he wanted to develop it.

Looks like the farmer had his way with ye! Gosh and Begorrah! With heart, faith and steel. In the end there can be only one.

Donald Trump's Scotland Golf Plan Rejected

It's not everyday Donal Trump faces a rejection. But his plan to build a £1 billions (that's Rp 20 trillions or about one-third of Indonesia State Budget of Revenues and Expenditures!) golf complex and housing development at the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire was rejected last weekend by Aberdeenshire Council's infrastructure committee.

Source: Finally Woken: Donald Trump's Scotland Golf Plan Rejected

I got a really bad taste in my mouth when he mentioned this project at the conference, and it wasn't from the crappy overpriced food I ate in the Jacob Javitts Centre. In my opinion it was disgusting that something of such beauty and natural heritage could be turned into a golf course & housing complex. Golf courses are notorious for their water consumption and effects on the environment, not to mention high-density housing & recreational development.

I do appreciate Trump's view that golf courses are beautiful things and he's going to put a bunch of money into the country and revitalize the economy. However, there has got to be a better way to appreciate your heritage without affecting the environment drastically. Why not build a Trump eco-university with a mini-putt course? The world's largest roadside attraction? Or just buy St. Andrews?

Of course I'm biased because I suck at golf.

Now if they made the ball 1 foot around and played golf in an undeveloped field maybe it would be more fun, and perhaps I could get it in the net. It could be friendly to the environment too... or at least friendlier than a water-sucking golf course.

A place I went to in the summer really showed me how one teacher and a few students with very little money can restore an area and turn it into one of the Seven Best Views in Canada.

Cape Enrage is next to Alma, New Brunswick. I stayed in Alma in the summer of 2007, at the only hotel, next to the only gas station. There wasn't a whole lot to do in Alma. I asked the hotel clerk what he did for fun there.

The clerk, in his late 30s, said to me,

"There's a nice golf course up the hill. I try and go there twice a week when the weather is nice."

Needless to say, I didn't go golfing. I did, however, go to Cape Enrage and Fundy National Park. The whole area is probably one of the quietest and most serene places in the world (except for the constant sound of surf crashing on the rocks).

The main thing to do in the area was to watch the tides come in.... 30 feet per day!

According to one of Trump's associates in the video, "I think it was the people in Aberdeen, the Shire, that were really let down today."

Hopefully the people of Scotland and the council of Aberdeenshire will learn a lesson from Costa Rica, turtles are way more important than golf courses.

They haven't learned quite yet. The project is still a go.

Council Leader Anne Robertson welcomed the decision, saying: "What is important in all this is securing the economic future of the north-east of Scotland.

The application by Trump International Golf Links Scotland was recently rejected by the Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) and was called-in by the Scottish Government.

Support for the plans will be put forward by the council as an enhanced consultee as it is now no longer the planning authority, a role now fulfilled by the Scottish Government.

This explains why the hotel we stayed at in Costa Rica ran out of water during my friend's wedding.

If you get a chance, go see New Brunswick's Cape Enrage. You can even play a round at the nine-hole they have down the road. There's no traffic, but watch for bears & moose.

And the Canadian Dollar is still below par right now... at $0.9978 per Amero.


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Update: Apparently the people of Aberdeenshire are 93% in favour of the development. Of course, they did interview a window washer in the news clip. What's he going to do? Turn down a billion pounds to develop some craggy rocks? You'd have to be nuts to do something like that! Maybe dance around in a field wearing a kilt? :)

There's no way this course will get vetoed now.... Trump threatened to send it to Ireland and sic'ed his lawyers on the council, and frequently brings up his mother in talking about the deal. And he's only going to build one course in Europe anyway... because, according to him, "it's too far away."

Yeah, eeecht hoors frae new york is aways Ah guess. It is aw abit scottish heritage thocht.

Th' comments fur thes video bonnie much sum up th' varioos opinions. reality is funnier than fiction.

Sorry, foond th' Scottie Translator. Aw future postings will noo be in scottish.

Update: they fired th' guy fa was glaikit enaw tae vote against trump an' turn Scootlund intae a potential Venezuela fur business.

Update: Here's a thread from Aberdeen locals with seemingly close connections to the project.

Update: McConnell 'broke rules' on £300m Trump golf deal

Salmond to appear at Trump probe

Scotland's name globally besmirched over the Trump nonsense

Something tells me Michael Forbes the farmer and his 83 year-old mother are going to become tourist attraction all by themselves. He would be well advised to start building his mini putt course and put up some road signs.

Trump and .... Conrad Black's email?

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