Sunday, February 10, 2008

As inflation grows, product packaging shrinks, and gas mileage goes down

 This sounds like a recipe for disaster... a machine that you need to feed with land, seeds, fertilizer, hay, water, electricity, steel, building materials, food, food-byproducts, natural gas, oil, gasoline, trucks, electricity, and pumps, not to mention the printing costs for all the currency required to sustain this endless cycle of consumption.  All this will drive a steady influx of jobs back into the farming industries, while driving existing farmers to increase yields and burn out their lands.  It will increase drivers to adopt "eco-friendly" cars due to tax breaks and marketing, while causing many to adopt more frugal lifestyles or face financial ruin due to skyrocketing food costs. 

Will it create the next dustbowl effect, as Australia is currently experiencing?

"This energy loss leads to a 2% - 3% decrease in miles-per-gallon vehicle fuel economy with 10% [ethanol]."[7] Essentially, drivers will not be able to go as far on each gallon of ethanol as they currently do on gasoline.

Source: Ethanol: Bumper Crop for Agribusiness, Bitter Harvest for Taxpayers

This sounds like a problem invented by governments and the so-called "renewable energy" associations, or lobbyists.  Will it be solved by them too?

What could go up in price?

  • Cereal
  • Wine
  • Ethanol and Washer fluid
  • Gas
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Corn
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Anything made with wheat
  • Anything requiring animal feed (cows, pigs, sheep)
  • Sugar and anything made with it
  • Milk and anything made with it

This really starts at the bottom of the food chain and works its way up into the global economy very quickly.  Farmers will sit on their harvests as long as possible, in order to capture the skyrocketing costs of their commodities.  The real estate (shelter) bubble burst - Is the food and water bubble upon us?

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