Wednesday, April 25, 2007

St. Louis Fed: Economic Data - FRED®


FRED tells me that inventories are up, sales are down, M2 is way, way up, government debt is way, way up, private household debt is way up, and we're most likely in a recessionary, hyper-inflationary cycle.  And now is a good time to start buying CAD (if you're in the US) - Beaver Tails & Maple Syrup are going up in USD in the near future.

Who's FRED?

Welcome to FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data), a database of over 3000 U.S. economic time series. With FRED® you can download data in Microsoft Excel and text formats and view charts of data series. We plan to continually improve FRED® and encourage you to send feedback through our contact form.

Source: St. Louis Fed: Economic Data - FRED®

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