Thursday, August 02, 2007

Reprogramming the trade

I wonder how this will affect program trading? 

So now that the SEC has ditched the uptick rule, how does this affect the market's major players? Let's see…

  • Individual Investors: Longer-term investors, especially those that only go long, will see little change in their activities. But for anyone shorting NYSE or AMEX stocks, the change could have a significant impact on the ease of getting filled in those short sales, since investors will no longer have to wait for an uptick. However, there won't be much change for Nasdaq stocks, since earlier changes allowed legal workarounds for Nasdaq traders.
  • Institutions & Funds: A common practice for "big money" on Wall Street was to craftily put in a significant amount of buy orders to move a stock to an uptick before then placing their real short sale order. But now that the SEC has eliminated the uptick rule, short selling will now be more efficient for these institutions and funds.

Source: The Uptick Rule

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