Sunday, April 16, 2006

Why Bill Cara doesn't like Google

Do good, even if it means shovelling do and throwing it at the media.

Stock Tip #2 - Don't trade on B.S. Use The Bullfighter on any company releases.

Bill Cara: The BC 100 Explained, Sun., Apr. 16, 2006, 11:45 AM: "But here�s the rub: Shame on these Google guys for how they act. The founders insulted me (and maybe you) when they brought a wheelbarrow of manure to the pre-IPO marketplace when they talked about establishing the world�s largest altruistic foundation � let them do it like Bill Gates before putting it into our face � and they talk about scanning every book in every library without having the mega-trillions of dollars in reserve to pay for copyrights. I don�t respect these guys enough to put them on the Cara 100 list.
You see; I�m a trader � I don�t trade on b.s.
I�d like to see them stick to their knitting and knock off Microsoft from its perch. Then, they�d get my respect! In the back of my mind, however is the knowledge that one proprietary technology can carry you only so far in this day and age. "

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